Pensacola State College supports a holistic advising model. Student Services Advisors focus on the whole person: student career goals, personal situations and circumstances, financial issues, work, and life balance, and student preparedness for college. Advisors seek to help students understand how their studies can help them gain tools to make good decisions, problem-solve, navigate systems, and persist by knowing themselves better. Student resources, on and off campus, are available to assist students. These are key strategies for students to remain connected and engaged. This model is highly individualized and changes to meet individual needs.

Advisors are in academic departments to strengthen a comprehensive approach. This allows for enhanced advisor and student knowledge of courses and programs. Students can interact and learn from a community of academic and advising staff by being near the department head, faculty, and advisors.

Advisors strive to be proactive and intentional in building meaningful relationships with program staff and their assigned students. Communication is on-going, offered in multiple formats, and always focused on helping the student achieve their goals.