PirateQ Kiosks

Make the most of your waiting time. Join a virtual line and manage your time the way you want
with remote notifications. You can also book an appointment online.

Waiting lines: step by step

1. Join a virtual line remotely.


2. Wait wherever you want.


3. Receive wait time notifications on your mobile device.


4. Be notified when it’s your time to be served.

While you wait

Text us one of these letters as necessary:


H – Help with the list of available functions.

L – Leave the line.

M – Request more time.

S – Check your place in the line (status).

N# – Request to be notified [number of minutes] before you’ll be served (example: text N10 to get a notification 10 minutes before you’ll be served).

J – Re-join the line if you accidentally leave it.